OVM Engineering was grounded in July 2018 located in Stuttgart. Since its establishment it has been growing its business volume and achieving its previously defined goals.

The power of OVM Engineering is generated by its workforce contributing in all levels. The backbone of the working strategy is supported by the management team. The nature of business model enables flexible capacity and expertise. As well as head office in Germany OVM has direct-managed offices in Poland and Turkey.

OVM Engineering follows a sustainable growth strategy to develop strong business relations with its customers and supplier network.

The main motive behind establishing OVM Engineering is to generate a competitive and flexible service and supply network for mainly German and other main European contractors. Through OVM’s support, they will have more competitive power among the other players in the world.

OVM Engineering also aims to supply German niche technology products blended with its engineering expertise to Turkey and to surrounding emerging markets. This will specifically help the medium and small sized corporations which do not have enough resources or know-how to serve these markets.

Additionally, OVM Engineering aims to broaden the scope of supply with reliable outsource by using its diversified engineering capabilities.

OVM Engineering’s main product group and service philosophy focuses on handling solutions concept and accordingly appeals to a wide range of customers. Our primary customer focus is the large contractor companies that receive mechanical infrastructure tenders, especially in the energy sector (hydroelectric, gas, solar, nuclear, thermal, wind, wave, etc.). In addition, all European heavy industry companies with contract manufacturing requirements are our potential customers.

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